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V-group is an organization of persons that research the Viau surname and it's variants.

We have come across many spellings of the name and most of them are listed below. The italicized  type indicates the variations that have proven of the most interest to our active members.:   Beausejour, Botentrain, Cinqmars, Dauphine, Davaux, Daviau, DeVeau, Deveaux, Devost,  Duvault, Haleau, Hevreau, Janveau, Janveaux, Jeanbau, Jeanveau, Jeanviau,  Laliberte, Laplante, Lesperance, Sylvain, Vau, Vaux, Veau, Veaux, Veio, Veiu, Veo, Vial, Viau, Viaud, Viault, Viaus, Viaux, Viauz, Viau dit Cinqmars, Viau dit Lesperance, Vieau, Vieaux, Vieu, Vieux, View  Vio, Vios, Viot Vioux, Vous, Vox, and Voyew.

Although our research is primarily centered on "V" families that emigrated from Europe to Canada, members from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Haiti, Japan, and the United States have all joined in this effort. 

Most persons of French Canadian heritage should find our site useful.

Our language is primarily English but we have a large percentage of  members that speak French.

 V-Group was founded on January 24, 2000 and by 2005, our members had exchanged roughly 8000 messages  We are always looking for new members to help in our search and discussions. If you would like to join us, please send us a blank email .



The information contained in this website is subject to copyright. It has been researched and contributed by members of the V-Group. We make no guarantees as to the accuracy of information that you will find here or on associated links. Please report any errors or broken links.

Take notice that some of the websites that we have linked to may require  membership, affiliations, or fees to access the information.

Some pages on this site may have access restricted to V-Group members.

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